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Wow it's been awhile

Posted 1/20/2013 5:49pm by rita anders.

I really had good intentions of keeping up with this blog but after I wrote the last one in january of 2012, my life dramatically changed. My dad was admitted to the hospital in January and after going back and forth and couple of times into different hospitals, he settled into Methodist Hospital in Houston and that's where he ended up passing away on April 9th of 2012.  I spent so much time at the hospital while trying to keep up with the farm. At the end of April, my youngest son married the love of his life and while we missed our dad so much , we had alot to be happy for also. Dad's passing let me look at life alot differently. I decided to change things up a bit and stopped selling at the farmer's market and was offered a great deal by a restaurant to by my vegetables and sourced out a buyer for a great deal of my flowers. Central Market in Houston has been buying most of what I am able to grow and I've been very busy doing alot of weddings. I feel so blessed everyday that I made those changes in my life. I miss all the wonderful customers at market where I was selling but so many called or emailed me that they wish me only the best and understand why I made the changes. My mom has been ill also with back troubles and heart troubles and this way I've been able to help her out also. As a farmer you get so busy taking care of the farm and everything else that you put yourself on the backburner. This change has given me the opportunity to take care of myself also.  We also have 4 wonderful grandchildren and 2 on the way and now I get to spend alot more time with the kids and grandkids. In a couple of years my husband wants to retire and we've even managed to find a retirement place at the coast so when he does retire, we will have a place to go when we can.

I will always want to grow flowers as long as I can and these changes in how I do business will let me keep being a grower and still have time for my family. I so enjoy making arrangements for anyone that enjoys giving flowers to someone to make them happy. I like to grow happy flower sand I love seeing the face on my customers when they get that special bouquets. I've been so fortunate that brides have been flowers from me this past year and this year is looking even better. Yesterday made a trip into Houston to purchase vessels for a brides wedding and so much fun we had till I got that bad headache(wasn't the bride, something I ate had MSG in it) and it was a doosey.

I try to make each brides wedding  to be origianl to her and have her likes all incorporated into how we decorate. Several brides book me months ahead so I can grow the flowers they would like for their wedding. Some flowers have to be ordered many months ahead of time to be able to harvest for the spring or early summer.

Right now we have Snapdragons, Ranuculus, Anemones, Dianthus, lupines, Stock, Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Scented Geraniums, Delphiniums, Campanula, Lilies, Tulips, salvias and ageratum growing. When the days get longer and warmer, the gardens and greenhouses will be overflowing with color.

I'm going to try an add flowers this year and not get sidetrack. Check back for new stories on my blog

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