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Fall is here or is it?

Posted 9/26/2011 4:58pm by rita anders.

After the hottest and dryest summer, I'm so happy that fall is here.  You wouldn't know it though looking at the temps and weather forecasts. We still havn't had any rain at our farm and are depending on our 2 wells for all our water needs.

Our Fall crop of tomatoes are planted and some are flowering but without temps going below 70, I don't think we will have any tomatoes anytime soon. Hoping for tomatoes sometime in November. Our Arugula, lettuce mix and spicy green mix are putting out lots of salad mix and our cucumbers are finally starting to produce fruit.  Our basi is still going crazy even in the heat. Peppers have all ceased to exist in the extreme heat. Just couldn't keep up watering them. We've planted spinach but havn't had alot of luck yet getting it to sprout because of the heat. Broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce plants are growing and waiting for them to size up to be transplanted out into the gardens. 

Our biggest obstacle at the moment is keeping the deer from eating everything we plant. The birds are coming in and pecking at the ground and eating the seed in the trays. The armadillos invade the freshly watered beds at night and squirels are eating our pecans from the trees.  We are having a new deer proof fence put in sometime starting this week and that will keep out the biggest nemice.

Some of the flowers are still growing in this heat like the zinnias, sunflowers and celosia.  Dahlias are in their new beds for the fall and winter and hoping for a boutiful harvest of beautiful stems. We have started sowing seed for several of our early spring flowers and our ranuculus and anemone bulbs are due to arrive at the first of October. It seems like their arrival is like our new start for the next year because they are usually the first thing to start blooming in late December to early January. 

After a summer like we've had this year, I have never looked forward to winter more than this year. I vow I will never complain about the cold again. Weather forcasters are saying it will be a warmer than normal winter and not much rain till next spring.  I hope they are wrong but only time will tell.

Despite the weather, I am very optimistic about a good fall and winter crop. As long as my wells keep working, We will keep growing. I'm also very excited about 2 new employees to the farm and look forward to their imput to this next growing season.

From our farm to yours, Rita

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